Kitchen Respray – Time to Freshen up your Kitchen.

Kitchen respray

Kitchen Respray – Time to freshen up your kitchen

When it comes to the rooms in your house, they all have a function. However, there is none more useful and valuable than the kitchen. Over time, your kitchen will wear and it is important to keep on top of it if you want to keep the value of the home. In truth, there are two different ways of doing this – one, you could replace all the cabinets with new ones but this can be expensive. For this reason, we are suggesting a process called kitchen respray.

When it comes to the kitchen, we hold it off for a long time because we believe that it has to be an expensive process. However, you can have the exact same effect for a fraction of the price with kitchen respraying. After completion, you will be set for another ten years (unless you want to respray again before, of course!). If you’re looking to bring a bit of life to your dreary kitchen, this could just be the solution for you.

There are many reasons why you may choose to have your kitchen resprayed; for one, you might not like the colour you picked out when you first had it decorated. Furthermore, you might even find that dirt and oil has ruined the look of your cabinets and everything nearby the hobs. Although hand-painting a kitchen is relatively cheap and straightforward, it is mainly time consuming. If you really want to book a couple of weeks off work and spend this time ordering takeaway, this solution is fine for you.

Choosing a Colour – When redecorating any room, the fun begins with the choice of colour. Whether you want to go for a solid colour throughout or a two-toned fancy look, the options are endless because it is you that will be living with it after all. As long as you know that you will be happy with your choice for years to come, you can choose from a multitude of colours and even add in complementary accent colours.

For kitchen cabinets, acrylic and oil-based paints are generally the most popular options because they will last for the longest time whilst not being as affected by stains and wear and tear. Aside from this, some people choose to go for latex paint as the colours can be more vibrant. In terms of cleaning during the painting process itself, latex requires just soap and water whereas oil-based paint needs a specific solvent.

Spray or Brush – As we mentioned previously, using a brush will offer the most simple solution but the finish may not look as good. If you sand lightly in between coats, this will help you to achieve a smoother finish. On the other hand, respraying offers a more professional look but you will have to buy/rent the sprayer and practice before using it in the kitchen. Ultimately, both options have their pros and cons and it all depends on your price range and time restrictions as to which one you choose.

There we have it, a brief guide to respraying and painting. As long as you set aside a work area and let surfaces dry overnight, you will have yourself a brand new kitchen in a short amount of time!

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